[SICOPOLIS:112] Reading 2D input (topography etc.) from NetCDF files

Ralf Greve greve at lowtem.hokudai.ac.jp
Fri Mar 12 15:57:22 JST 2021

Dear all,

during the last days, I made a number of commits that allow providing 2D 
(plan-view) input, such as topography, surface temperature or 
precipitation, in NetCDF files. Previously, only ASCII was supported. 
The file types are recognized automatically by the respective extension 
('nc' for NetCDF, otherwise ASCII is assumed), so that no further 
settings are needed.

I hope you'll find this new feature useful.

Best regards,


Dr. Ralf Greve
Professor, Glacier and Ice Sheet Research
Institute of Low Temperature Science (ILTS)
Hokkaido University
Kita-19, Nishi-8, Kita-ku
Sapporo 060-0819, Japan
greve at lowtem.hokudai.ac.jp

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