Michelle Tigchelaar mtigch @ hawaii.edu
2012年 5月 16日 (水) 04:50:23 JST

Dear Ralf,

It's good to hear my contribution was of some use. I actually don't know
that much about compilers and I remember there being a lot of Google,
trial and error involved in getting SICOPOLIS to run with Lis. Glad it
worked out!


On 5/15/12 1:25 AM, Ralf Greve wrote:
> Dear Michelle,   (cc: SICOPOLIS ML)
> On 2012-05-14 11:58, Michelle Tigchelaar wrote:
>> Dear Ralf,
>> I just wanted to add to this that for me to get the model to compile on
>> my system I had to make some small adjustments to the configure.in file.
>> I've attached my version of the file to this email. I saw that you also
>> made some recent changes to this file, but I haven't checked to compare.
>> Hope this helps.
> thanks a lot. The change you made in configure.in is actually essential,
> otherwise the auto-built SICOPOLIS won't run with Lis. I've just
> committed the new version (revision 254).
> To everybody, just for clarification: Building SICOPOLIS with the GNU
> autotools is just an option (and still somewhat experimental...). Of
> course you can do it the traditional way as described in the Quick Start
> Manual.
> Best regards,
> Ralf

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