[SICOPOLIS:5] Re: Ice shelf module - good news

Nina Kirchner nina.kirchner @ natgeo.su.se
2012年 4月 28日 (土) 05:02:16 JST

hej ralf,

fantastico! ich hoffe ich kann es bald testen ;)

bin ein bisschen im konferenzstress, und dann sind da jede menge
vorbereitungen fuer die expedition.....

viele liebe gruesse!

On 04/27/2012 11:30 AM, Ralf Greve wrote:
> Dear colleagues,
> as for the availability of the ice shelf module of SICOPOLIS, finally
> there are good news. I have essentially finished merging Tatsuru Sato's
> branch (containing the latest ice shelf routines) with the trunk, and,
> as far as I can see from the tests I ran, things are working well. So if
> you like, please feel free to check out the trunk (latest revision 242)
> and play with it.
> Important:
> Please note the hint about the library Lis on page 3 of the Quick Start
> Manual (version of 26 April 2012!) available on the SICOPOLIS website.
> The two header files sico_specs_ant40_sr_test03.h and
> sico_specs_ant20_sr_test03.h in the repository are simple tests 500
> years into the future under present-day climate conditions with 40 and
> 20 km resolution, respectively. 10-km runs are also possible, but very
> time-consuming.
> Feedbacks welcome, of course!
> Best regards,
> Ralf

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